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Specialty Archery Product Specifications


1/4″ Hunter Peep Housing
The Hooded 37 degree Super Hunter Peep 1/4" requires use of alignment tubing. (Alignment tubing sold separately 753-6 or in 750 Kit).

The revolutionary Super Hunter Peep uses optional 1/8" apertures with 5 hole sizes to choose from (1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8") for a bright view. The optional screw-in Verifier lenses sharpen the pins. The optional Clarifiers when used with a scope and lens sharpen the target face.
1/4″ Large Hooded Peep
1/4″ Large Non-Hooded Peep
The non-hooded version offers lighter weight for increased arrow speed. It accepts all current ¼” verifiers, clarifiers, and apertures. The ¼” non-hooded peep accepts all 1/8” apertures, verifiers, and clarifiers with use of the Peep Reducer (part 753-3). The peep comes with a Peep Reducer (Part #753-3) and a Dual Aperture Wrench (Part #210078) included. The 1/4" peep is the most popular Specialty Archery peep for hunting. Available in Black, Blue, Camo, Green, Pink, Red, and Silver.
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